SISB Schools are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. We expect all of our staff, visitors and volunteers to share our commitment.



I have joined PEP / ECCEP in SISB almost 3 years now.

Looking back, it has been a very beneficial, soul enriching and fulfilling journey with a group of parents who share our hearts, visions, the joy and the challenges in our parenting journey.

We are learning and working towards together to be a Positive, Proactive and Progressive parent, using the interesting learning resources that Teacher Maya provides and facilitates.

Close friendships among parents are also formed as trust and love for each other grow over time. This makes the ECCEP group special in its own way.

Special thanks and appreciation to Teacher Maya who is our school counsellor, teacher, parent, and friend for her great passion and the heart of going extra miles in providing coaching, advice, insights and experiences in helping us to be Positive, Proactive and Progressive parents. Come and join us, we are also a group of fun parents too!