SISB Schools are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. We expect all of our staff, visitors and volunteers to share our commitment.


First Impressions of SISB

I was walking through the school during my first week as a student in SISB, and I thought to myself, they have such high standards. How am I going to reach them? Before I could think more about it, I was distracted by the challenge of finding the fastest way to the canteen, but nonetheless, the question remains.

I’ve been in SISB before, having volunteered at the Guidance Office and watched the Secondary Productions. All those times, I couldn’t help but notice that people were dedicated to making the school a leading example to other educational centres in Bangkok.

SISB prioritises its students, finding the best ways to help them improve. That growth returns to the school, allowing it to cultivate more talent. In the few months I have been a student, I have witnessed it firsthand.

One of the friends I have made has said that she owes the development of her performing arts skills to the school productions. Another classmate of mine is successful in sports (swimming in particular) because he had the opportunity to compete for the school. Another classmate of mine, driven by the talent of his peers, pushed himself to do what no one else expected of him: 5 A*s in his IGCSEs.

As I skimmed through the memories I have of SISB, I realised the answer to that question I had at the beginning of the year. How am I going to reach SISB’s high standards? By developing the talents I have through the opportunities that the school has and will grant me, and I remain thankful to the school for that.