Mr Andrew Fang, Father Of Daniel Fang (P5 Love)
SISB Schools are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. We expect all of our staff, visitors and volunteers to share our commitment.


Daniel (in black t-shirt) started attending SISB in 2014. His English-speaking ability and expression were not good at the beginning. He is a reserved and quiet boy and he is always observing and learning. He steps out and approaches others only when he feels confident of himself.

Daniel has been studying in SISB for more than two years, and he has been staying at the new SISB boarding house for one full term. I can observe that Daniel has become more matured and independent. He is more confident of himself and is not afraid to speak, approach and make friends with others. Moreover, he is also learning how to help others who are in need.

I thank his school teachers for giving him the opportunity and selecting him to be a prefect and allowing him to get leadership training. I am also happy to see Daniel speaking on stage in front of an audience as well. The boarding house is giving him opportunities to experience more outdoor activities like surfing and sailing. He is also learning how to keep strict schedules in daily life and to live and get along with others.

I thank you for taking care of him and I am proud of his achievements - bringing pride to SISB by performing well in the Chinese Language Contest.

I want Daniel to continue to study in SISB and I thank you for the great job your team is doing. Keep up the good work and good spirit of SISB.