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Nursery to Primary (2 to 12 years old)

SISB Thonburi is the first Singapore International School to be launched in Thonburi. SISB Thonburi offers the unique Singapore-UK curriculum in English, Chinese and Thai and students will be able to pursue their passion in various extra-curricular activities with the availability of state-of-the-art sports and arts facilities provided within the campus. Regardless of where we are located, our mission is to develop the full potential of all students entrusted to us for their education. We strive to ensure that all students grow intellectually, physically and socially as global citizens.

Our unique curriculum

Renowned for a child-centred approach in the early years
Hands-on lessons to cultivate independence
English, Chinese and Thai languages taught across all levels
Mathematics and sciences taught by qualified teachers at an exceptionally high level
Group and project-based work to introduce and develop critical thinking skills
Graduating into renowned Singapore and British curricula in SISB Pracha Uthit campus for next higher level of education

Nursery – Kindergarten

Primary 1 – 6


2 – 6 years old

6 – 12 years old


Early Years Foundation Stage

Singapore curriculum


Holistic ongoing assessment

Singapore iPSLE, Cambridge Checkpoint test and school-based examination

Top reasons why you should choose SISB

High quality holistic education

Excellent Nursery & Kindergarten Programme

Fluency in English, Chinese and Thai

Strong morals and academic excellence

Wide range of extra curricular activities

Good facilities and resources

Safe and caring environment

Quality teachers

Facilities in Thonburi

Thonburi campus spans 12,800 square metres and has a capacity for up to 750 students. Some of its facilities include Nursery-Kindergarten and Primary buildings, a 25-metre swimming pool, football field, indoor multi-purpose hall, canteen, library, music room, science lab, arts & crafts room and a cafe.

What’s Happening in Thonburi?

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Shoe Box Donation Foundation For Slum Child Care And Kiiran Care Foundation

Shoe Box Donation Foundation for Slum Child Care and Kiiran Care Foundation On behalf of the Foundation for Slum Child Care and Kiiran Care Foundation, we would like to thank all parents who generously supported this project. Through your help, we have been able to provide 200 shoeboxes of stationaries and essential supplies. Indeed, there is no greater power than a community working tow...

Ing Ing Rocky Mountain International Music Competition Award

Ing Ing Rocky Mountain International Music Competition AwardCongratulations to Ing Ing - Ra-Ingdao Itthiratanakomol of  P2 Joy for being awarded the first place in Rocky Mountain Music Competition, Young Musicians Category, Voice, of Toronto, Canada.In addition, she also won the Audience Award in the Voice Competition over other participants around the world.    Also, Ing Ing  has been in...

Thun’S Kangaroo Math Competition Award

Thun’s Kangaroo Math Competition AwardCongratulations to Thun for winning the GOLD award and for landing 6th out of 101 students in the Kangaroo Math Competition 2021.    The SISB Community is very proud of your achievement. Click here for more details!   #KangarooMathThailand #SISBThonburi #SISBSchools ...

K2 Being Resilient During Hbl

K2 being resilient during HBLBeing resilient at home can be creative and fun. SISB, Thonburi’s K2 Smile Class enjoyed making their 'I am resilient' crowns during one of their Wellness classes.Students then continued this activity at home by taking photos or videos of something they feel proud of.   Let’s stay safe and healthy. Enjoy learning! SISB Stronger Together! Click here for more p...

Online Earth Yoga (K1&K2 Session)

Online Earth Yoga (K1&K2 Session)Thank you to our K1 and K2 students and parents for participating in our Earth Day Yoga online session.Live healthily and save the Earth. Don't forget that everyday is Earth Day!Click here for more photos!   #EarthYoga #EarthDay2021 #SISBThonburi #SISBSchools ...

Online Earth Yoga (N1 & N2 Session)

Online Earth Yoga (N1 & N2 Session)Day 2 of our Earth Day Yoga online sessions (N1 & N2).    We started our Term 3 with Home-Based Learning which means most of our students spend their days at home. Therefore, we provided Yoga session for our students in order to improve their strength,balance and physical flexibility. Yoga helps our students learn to use all of their muscles in new ways ...

What’s Next in Thonburi?

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